Is Your Website Hurting Your Practice?

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Is Your Website Hurting Your Practice?

In today’s economy, numerous companies have realized that it is essential for your company to have a website and a web presence. Having a website for your business is similar to having a glorified business card. Unlike the business card though, the business card is picked up by hundreds of search engines and can be viewed by hundreds to thousands of people. Even if your company does not sell a product on the website, it is still crucial to have an internet presence because it is one of the most important ways that future customers can find out about your business.

In 2011, it is not only necessary to have an internet presence with your website but there are many things that are also needed today. The question you have to ask yourself and your company, “Is your website hurting your company?”

My company, DoctorWebsight specializes in building an internet presence for any business. We stress the importance of local directories, social media, a well built website and most importantly the Search Engine Optimization to gain traffic to your website.

A well built website is very very important for your business. If links are broken, information is incorrect or the website is outdated, this could hurt you more than help you with having a ‘website.’

5 ways your website can be hurting your business:

1. Incorrect information. It is very important for your website to have current information. You may be misguiding your customers or giving them a sense of false information, which may lose their trust if not. Do monthly updates to your websites if needed, which will gain their trust and also may help build your SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

2. Bad Links. Bad links and 404′s on your website may lead customers to grow impatient to your web page and may go elsewhere to find information or a product they are searching for. This will not only lose trust, but also will result in lost business.

3. Ego. It is very easy to be so thrilled about your website and have so many emotions tied to it that you lose sight completely of what others might prefer or may interest them. Just as if any of your businesses have ever failed, you soon begin to learn that emotions in business are always there, but there are times to sit down and ask others if they honestly like your website and if it gets the point across.

4. Unrealistic Expectations. A website is a website and should not be your only focus to gain customers. Websites are the output of a marketing plan, but should not be thought of as everything that is needed for your business to be profitable. Often it is likely that your website is not the best source for communication for your business. Social Media may be more important for your business, or advertising, or other streams of marketing so think about all of your options.

5. Forget about your Paying Customers. It is very common that after building your website it is very easy to build your website and to forget about the traffic and the information you would receive from your customers. It is very crucial when owning a business to have email capture boxes and contact forms for customers to ask you questions. It is key to listen to your customers, but also to have their information to contact them in the future.